Back to the Grind

So I have been back from my trip since Monday . . . and I am still trying to adjust to the day to day. I had a great time over the weekend, very relaxing. But my eating habits were a little crazy. I had too much fried and heavy foods, didn’t eat as regularly as I should, and drank too little water. Of course, I was proud of myself for the fact that I still managed to stop eating when I was hungry. No major binges. And I actually managed to lose 1/2 a pound over the weekend. How did that even happen?

Now that I’m back, however, it is so hard to get back into the healthy eating/exercise mindset. I have done pretty well, but not as well as I should have. And for some reason, I am finding myself with little to no appetite for breakfast in the mornings. I am not getting hungry until close to 10:00 am. I know that I need to eat before that, but it’s hard if I’m not hungry. Does anyone have any tips for that? This morning, I did make myself a smoothie of frozen strawberries, a peach, some ice, and a little honey. So even though I wasn’t hungry, I still got some calories and a serving of fruits in my system.

I just find it hard to gather any appetite for healthy foods. Hopefully, it will get better. This is why you should really only eat heavy meals every once in a while, instead of days at a time. They are addictive and once you get started, it’s so hard to stop.

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