Whole Foods vs. Trader Joe’s

This morning, I woke up bright and early so that I could go to the grocery store before work. Corey is coming home from his business trip tonight and I wanted to get that pesky errand out of the way.

I made myself a nice breakfast of eggs and bacon,


yes that is hot sauce on my eggs . . . I put that stuff on everything!


then proceeded to go to not one, but two, grocery stores. I went here . . .

and here!

For those of you who don’t know, Harry’s Farmer’s Market is really Whole Foods (just a different name). I didn’t realize this myself until early this year. 🙂

I would go to Whole Foods for everything, but I just don’t have that kind of money. Plus, Whole Foods does not carry the Poptarts that my husband adores. Yes, I am married to a seven-year old. 😉

The stores are so quiet and peaceful at 9:00 am. However, Publix did not have ANY pumpkin . . . again! Doh! You would think we were in a pumpkin shortage again. Who is buying all this stuff?

After buying up tons of goodies, I headed back home to get ready for work and get my dog prepared for her day at doggy daycare. She’s always so excited about that!

Lunch was very hurriedly eaten while at my desk at work. It was some leftover Turkey Sausage Meatloaf on a whole wheat pita with some spinach and ketchup. Weird combination maybe, but so tasty.

The only bad thing is that I can not find a pita that will stay together! My pita starts to fall apart before I even start to put my fillings in and this makes for a very messy sandwich.

Work was kind of slow, so I actually got out early. But instead of picking up Callie at doggy daycare, I headed out for more grocery shopping. Yes, more shopping. There were important items to be found after all! But I couldn’t possibly go shopping on an empty stomach. So I ate a delicious apple that I had bought at Whole Foods.

Check out the green leaf on the top! That is a sure sign the apple is fresh if I ever saw one.

I first stopped at the Publix near my work and guess what I found??

I swear, I almost did a jig in the aisles. And I bought 5 cans of the stuff to stock up. Woo-hoo!

Then I was on a mission to head out to Trader Joe’s.for the latest craze that has hit the blogger world.

Peanut flour! I have an idea of how I want to use it this weekend and I can’t wait.

Speaking of Trader Joe’s, am I the only one in the universe NOT impressed with that place? You can get stuff that is more nutritious or organic at the grocery store than you can here . . . and for a cheaper price too. While I was looking for the flour, I was browsing through their stock and most of their breads and stuff had way too many ingredients. Even their “organic” tomato soup has “natural” flavoring in it. When are people going to realize that if something has “natural” flavor it is NOT organic? That just means that it is more processed and there are more additives added to it in order to make it taste good. I stay away from that crap as much as possible, especially because natural flavors often contain MSG and MSG gives me migraines. Maybe people just don’t look at the ingredients that closely.

Anyway, this was my second or third time in Trader Joe’s and I still wasn’t impressed with anything they had. I much prefer Whole Foods. I will continue to stick with them . . . except for maybe peanut flour.

Corey is coming home tonight and I am so, so, so excited. I have enjoyed my alone time, but I miss him and I am ready for him to come home. I still have much to do to get ready or him, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to fit in a workout. 😦 I did manage to grab a nutritious meal on the way home. No way I felt like cooking, so I grabbed some Subway.

I got a yummy roast beef with green peppers, yellow peppers, pickles, lettuce, light mayonnaise, and spicy mustard. I purchased it as a foot long so I could save the other half for tomorrow’s lunch at work.

I paired the sandwich with some Lay’s potato chips . . .

and some leftover pineapple.

Now I am relaxing and getting ready for Corey’s arrival. He should be arriving in about an hour and I want to be ready for him. I wish I could be like Callie. She is so exhausted from doggy daycare that she passed out as soon as she ate her dinner.

Her life is so hard. 🙂

5 responses to “Whole Foods vs. Trader Joe’s

  1. I am not a fan of Whole Foods. It’s outrageous unless you’re buying things from the bulk section. The produce is soooo much more expensive than the organic options at the other grocery stores.

    Also, they also have tons of organic ‘junk food’ with too many ingredients that are sort of questionable. We don’t have Trader Joe’s yet but I’m hoping at least I’ll be able to get nut butters and cooking oils for cheaper there than Whole Foods. From what I’ve seen in other cities Trader Joe’s is cheaper on those things.

  2. I’m not that impressed with Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. I shop at Market District if I have the money. Other than that, I’m pretty country and can find good farmers markets all year 🙂

  3. how do you like the peanut flour?
    is it anything like PB2?

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