Hunger Pains

I hate being hungry.

No, I really hate being hungry.

I think it’s because I’m always more likely to binge when I skip meals. Or because I spent most of my life bingeing so that I wouldn’t feel any hunger.

Today I had an appointment for a physical . . . my first ever actually. My appointment wasn’t until 3:15 this afternoon, which meant a day of fasting.

The nurse said I could eat a light breakfast and then nothing but water for the rest of the day. I started the day with some Puffins cereal and blackberries.

Of course, the cereal did not fill me up for long. I knew I would have a looong day ahead of me.

I tried to fill my time with mindless TV (I love reruns of How I met your Mother) and even some cleaning. I wanted to work out, but I knew that would just make me hungrier. Typically, my husband comes home to eat lunch with me on Mondays because it’s my day off. I should have told him to skip it today because it was torture to have him eat in front of me. I also snapped at him a few times. He just laughed at me though. He knows that I get super cranky when I’m hungry. I turn into such a baby. 🙂

I was so happy when I got to my doctor’s office, but I have to say that by that point I was getting a headache from not eating. I was also getting annoyed by every little thing, especially the fact that my doctor kept me waiting for over half an hour. If they are going to make me go without eating all day, the least they can do is try to get this appointment over with as soon as possible so I can eat!

Luckily, the physical didn’t take too long. She asked some questions. Blood was taken. And when I left, I headed home as quickly as possible to get something in my rumbling tummy.

The first thing I went for was an unopened jar of almond butter that I had purchased the other day.

I admit that I took a page from Julie’s book and took a couple of fingers of almond butter straight from the jar. 😉 This was the first time I tried almond butter. It tasted . . . different. Not bad, just different. Maybe I just have to get used to the taste since peanut butter is the only nut butter I have ever tried. I will continue eating this jar, but when all is said and done it may be that I prefer peanut butter over almond butter. I don’t care if almond butter is supposedly healthier.

I made myself a little snack of toasted pita with almond butter and some all natural blueberry preserves.

I also ate some Trader Joe’s roasted turkey slices. I just ate a few of those straight out of the package with a little mustard on them.

The combination of the two was a strange snack, but it sure was tasty! I didn’t want to eat too much because I knew dinner was coming up soon. I was still hungry (of course), but at least this snack kept me somewhat satisfied until Corey got home with dinner.

Dinner was a couple of slices of pizza from Marietta Pizza Company, a local pizza place. It was pretty good pizza and I gobbled up most of it in no time.

I wanted to get in a quick workout, which I did. But after 20 minutes on the elliptical, I started feeling ill. And that’s when I made an official note to myself that pizza will trigger migraines. So sad, but true. 😦

I am glad that I did some kind of exercise and I’m  glad that I didn’t binge like I would have in the past. I actually came home and made a healthy snack instead of getting some fast food on the way home. That is progress. 🙂


4 responses to “Hunger Pains

  1. Good for you that your fast didn’t turn into a binge! Have you tried raw almond butter? If you have a TJ’s near you it’s pretty cheap. I like it better than peanut butter…I think! Kinda like comparing apples to oranges 🙂

    • Natalie, I have never tried the TJ’s raw almond butter. I bought the Blue Diamond almond butter because it was cheaper than the others at Whole Foods. Maybe I will try out TJ’s almond butter soon. I agree that it’s definitely like comparing apples to oranges . . . I have to get used to the taste of almond butter, I think. It’s not bad, just different from what I am used to! 🙂

  2. I actually just discovered “How I Met Your Mother”–two of my best friends are really into it, so they introduced it to me a couple weekends ago. The characters are so sweet–I love it.
    The blackberries in your cereal look scrumptious. =)

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