Here a Nut Butter, there a Nut butter

So I have discussed my dislike of almond butter. And dislike may be a strong word. Let’s just say that it is not typically my cup of tea. I won’t be searching it out in Whole Foods anytime soon.

But that was before I discovered Naturally Nutty. They are a company that produces all natural nut butters and their nut butters also have flax and hemp seed in them. I read about the company on one of the many blogs that I follow. When I went on the website, I was instantly hooked on all the different flavors.

I ordered a sampler pack last week and I was so excited when my package came.

I ordered the sampler pack that includes 1 almond butter and 2 different peanut butters. I chose Vanilla Almond Butter, Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter, and Butter Toffee Peanut butter.

I tried the Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter first. Considering the fact that I love honey and I love cinnamon, I had high hopes for this one. However, I was disappointed. The cinnamon gave this nut butter a weird taste. I didn’t completely hate it, but I didn’t love it either. I would not buy this one again.

Then I tried the Vanilla Almond Butter. Oh. My. God. This is the best almond butter I have ever tried and dare I say it? It is the best nut butter I have ever tried. The vanilla flavor gave  the almond butter a nice, sweet taste. I loved it!

Check out how thick and creamy it is. And no need to stir!

Mmm . . . almond butter spoon. So good!

The last one, butter toffee peanut butter, was also one of my favorites. I’m not sure whether I like this one or the vanilla almond butter better. This one probably comes in a close second. The taste reminded me of something . . . I’m not really sure what. Maybe the Peanut Butter and Company white chocolate peanut butter. It was sweet and had a dessert taste to it. It was delicious and I understand why the Naturally Nutty website listed it as a best seller.

If you haven’t tried this brand yet, you should. They have quite a variety of flavors of peanut butters and almond butters. They even have cashew butter (which I would love to try) and sunflower butter. Mmmm . . . yummy.

In other nut butter news, I finally had a chance to try the famous Justin’s peanut butter. Last time Corey and I were at Whole Foods I bought a couple of the serving size squeeze packs of their peanut butter. I bought organic peanut butter and organic honey roasted peanut butter.

Both types of peanut butter were okay. They weren’t bad, but would I spend $10 on a jar of the stuff. Probably not. In terms of plain peanut butter, I can buy Smuckers All Natural peanut butter and it is just as good. And a lot cheaper.

Today, I was disappointed with the quantity of peanut butter in the little packet. Judging by the nutritional info. on the packer, one packet is supposed to cover two tablespoons. Today, I actually measured the peanut butter out. Sounds a little silly, right? Well, I was eating a bagel and I wanted to make sure there was 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on each half. I want an equal amount of peanut butter on each half of my bagel.

Well, it turned out that there was only a tablespoon and a quarter of another tablespoon. NOT two full tablespoons. So the second half of my bagel had only a thin smear of peanut butter on it. Very disappointing. 😦

Compare that bagel to a bagel with a full tablespoon of vanilla almond butter.

Creamy and delicious vanilla almond butter

Major difference.

That’s it for now. Maybe tomorrow I will share the details of Callie’s “surprise” haircut that my husband gave her. It looks like he cut off her ears! But she is still adorable, regardless of how much hair she has. But hairdresser my husband is not. 🙂


3 responses to “Here a Nut Butter, there a Nut butter

  1. Yay! Almond butter! I love TJ’s AB w/flax!

  2. I love hearing about products I haven’t tried. I love most all nut butters and the butter toffee peanut butter sounds great. I might have to try it out! I’m with you. If I’m having a bagel I measure it out so there are equal amounts of peanut butter on both sides 🙂

  3. I’m particular about my almond butter as well and I only seem to eat them on oats. That sucks about the Justin’s! I’m a big fan of their chocolate almond butter but I’ve yet to try those honey versions.

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