In a Rut

I have fallen into a rut with my meals.

Yesterday’s breakfast: the standard eggs with hot sauce and bacon

I am finding it harder and harder to come up with tasty (and nutritious) meals to take to work for lunch.

I am trying to incorporate more veggies into my diet and that is hard too. Couple that with the fact that I need lunches that I can eat very quickly in between patients. (Really, I need to be able to shove it in my mouth in five minutes or less).

Yesterday’s midmorning Snack: honeycrisp apple

I used to take sandwiches a lot, but that was before deli meat became a big no-no in terms of my migraines. I still take sandwiches occasionally (although I am running out of ideas for sandwich fillings), I take salads (which don’t always fill me up very long), and I take leftovers from home (such as pasta or chicken).

Yesterday’s lunch: a tasty dish made of brown rice, kidney beans, corn, and a hamburger patty I made last week. I also put a generous amount of ketchup and mustard on it. Sounds weird, but it’s so delicious . . . and filling!

But now I am getting bored and sometimes I have no idea what to bring for lunch . . . especially when we don’t have leftovers I can bring. So what’s a girl to do?

Also, I am running out of ideas for snacks. Fruit doesn’t fill me up for very long and I just need a little variety in my life.

Yesterday’s snack#1: whole grain rice cake with Trader Joe’s pumpkin cream cheese. I had this times three.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a quick lunch or nutritious snack??

Yesterday’s snack#2: an unpictured cup of Barbara’s Peanut Butter puffins

Yesterday’s dinner: some Hungry Girl chili. We made a big pot of it so there are plenty of leftovers. That’s the best part of chili!

Now I just have to share something humorous. Corey and I have a springer spaniel, Callie (who I have mentioned numerous times). If you know springer spaniels, you probably know that they traditionally have long, floppy ears. Callie is not exception.

Callie . . . check out her long ears!

This weekend, I went out with a friend and Corey decides to give Callie a trim haircut. He said that her ears were “nappy” and he had to “trim” them to get stuff out of her ears that had been tangled up in them. I guess he didn’t know where to stop because before he knew it, he had cut off half her ears!

Callie after her haircut.

It kind of looks like she got a bob or something. But I guess her hair will grow out and she is still cute as a button. 🙂

One response to “In a Rut

  1. I eat plain greek yogurt, blueberries, almonds, white chocolate chips, and coconut for a snack. It’s pretty filling.

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