A House is not a Home

My husband finally arrived home from his business trip today.

For the past three weeks, he has pretty much been gone. He has come home for the weekends, but then he would leave again on Monday morning. It has made for a very lonely December. Luckily, he has no business trips planned for the immediate future! πŸ™‚

It may sound cheesy, but I don’t feel like this house is a true home when Corey is gone. He completes out little family. Corey, Callie, and me . . .

Callie is so happy he's home!

I think that Callie has felt his absence as well. She has been a lot more clingy than normal. Even when she was exhausted from doggy daycare, she would get up and follow me every time I left the room.

Callie hovering outside the kitchen as I am making dinner

She also wanted a lot more attention.

Callie laying against me, trying to beg for attention

Maybe since Corey has been gone so much this month, she has been afraid that I would leave too.

And Corey has missed Callie. I think he may have missed her a little bit more than he missed me.

Callie trying to beg Corey for some lovin'

Corey also brought me macaroons from a little bakery in Seattle.

Vanilla Macaroon!

I have been craving them a lot lately. I first tried them in Paris while we were on our honeymoon. While these weren’t as good as the bakery in Paris, these were still pretty darn tasty. And they mean even more to me because they were bought with love.

I am so glad that my family is now complete. I am happy. Things are good.

5 responses to “A House is not a Home

  1. Aw, that’s so sweet! I’ve never had a macaroon before. They’re so pretty!

  2. My b/f has been gone for the last week and my cat has been SO NEEDY and acting out! He definitely misses him I think πŸ™‚

  3. I hate it when Huz goes on business trips. He’ll be leaving at the end of January for 3 weeks. Boo. At least I have the dog to keep me company.

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