For every flop, there is a success

I think I was too ambitious today.

My husband has left on a business trip. Yes, of course I will miss him. But part of me likes his business trip because not only do I get to watch trashy soap operas that he hates, but I get to make things that he would never eat.

Today I attempted not one, but two recipes. First, I wanted to make soup. I decided to try my hand at corn chowder, something I have never made before. And I wanted to use my crockpot, an appliance that I don’t use nearly often enough.

The smell of the soup was driving me crazy all day. It smelled fantastic.

However, the flavors just weren’t there. I wanted something creamy and this wasn’t it. And the flavors did not work. Plus, I did not chop the potatoes enough and I think I put too many in there. Oh well. You can’t win them all, right?

But my second recipe was a true success. Biscuits that require only four ingredients. Yes, you heard me right . . . four ingredients.

These are light, fluffy, and they are low in calories and fat. The best part is that they are baked in little muffin tins, so it’s built-in portion control.

If they are so small, surely I can eat five of them right? Don’t worry, I didn’t eat five of them.

But my dinner did consist of a few bites of soup, along with two of these babies. And since I had one too many white chocolate covered pretzels this afternoon, I had a very carb heavy day.

Good thing I did the Jillian Michaels Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism workout earlier.

You can’t get much easier (or lighter) with this recipe. Enjoy.

Easy Biscuits (makes 6 biscuits)

1 c. self-rising flour
1/2 c. nonfat milk
2 tablespoons low fat mayonnaise
I can’t believe it’s not butter spray

Mix all ingredients (except butter spray) together and  place in greased muffin tins. Spray I can’t believe it’s not butter spray on top of biscuits. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

I am so glad I managed to save some for tomorrow. I see myself eating a couple of these tomorrow with strawberry preserves. Suddenly, I can’t wait for breakfast. 🙂


19 responses to “For every flop, there is a success

  1. haha! if my husband left for a business trip i’d have cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner! I am so lazy when no one is here

  2. I love jillian! hahaha

  3. No such thing as too ambitious!! The biscuits look fabulous, thanks for posting the recipe 🙂

  4. Wow, that is such an easy biscuit recipe! 🙂 YUMMM!

  5. I am obsessed with white chocolate pretzels! One time, my mom called me on my way home from work to see if I could pick some up. I got two bags and ate one of the ENTIRE bags on the way home. The worst part… I work three miles away and I was in my car, which meant I ate them in about 6 minutes 🙂

  6. Wow, only 4 ingredients for those fluffy bisquits…amazing! Love the pic with the biscuits cut open with the melted butter!!

  7. Love crockpot meals-and biscuits too? Sign me up!

  8. i love trying new recipes! those little biscuits are so cute 🙂

  9. A good biscuit is something to behold. I make the America’s Test Kitchen mile high buttermilk biscuits – holy shit are they good, but turns out they don’t skimp on the butter in that recipe!

    I’ll have to give yours a try 😀

  10. I’ve never made corn chowder before either, but those biscuits look amazing! When my husband goes away on a business trip, I always make my “girly healthy” foods for myself as he likes to call them, haha..

  11. Okay I don’t think anyone could make biscuits easier than this – and they look light and fluffy! Delicious!

  12. I do the same thing when my hubby leaves. The kids and I have meals that he would hate!! 🙂 And corn chowder sounds great…but I agree, I like it creamy for sure!

  13. I totally wants some corn chowder now! I shall have an imaginary bowl until I make me some. ((burp))

  14. Four ingredients?? That excites me. If only everything was that simple! They look delicious by the way. And so does your soup, despite the issues!

  15. The muffins look great – and so does your soup! I’m not sure what was in your recipe but it definitely doesn’t look like a failure.

    I love Jillian Michaels – even if she has the cheesiest lines!

  16. Try the same recipe for your chowder, but sautee the veggies first before adding the liquid, and don’t use the crockpot – just simmer on the stovetop for a bit. I don’t know what it is, but the only soup that tastes better in the crockpot is chili. All other soups tend to lose their flavor.

  17. Whoa. These look really good! What is self-rising flour? Is it like Bread Flour? If not, can I sub regular flour and some type of baking powder in it? I really want to make these! 🙂

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