I got in!

First of all, I just wanted to thank all of you guys for the support from my last post. I felt so bad about what happened, but you guys made me feel better. And from what I read, some of you guys have had far more embarrassing things happen to you. Am I a bad person because reading that made me feel just a tad bit better? 😉

I mentioned a few months ago that I intended to run the Peachtree Road Race. I have been training for it over the last few months. What I didn’t mention is that the Atlanta Track Club recently changed their rules and would only allow people to enter the race by a lottery system.

Even though I knew I may not get in, I still trained for the race . . . until my knee started acting up. Well this morning I got the email and Corey and I are both in the race!

I was so surprised! They were allowing 60,000 people in the race and I know that tons of people rush to sign up for it every year. It’s actually the world’s largest 10K race. 🙂 I was excited to see that we had gotten in. But I’m also nervous. I haven’t done any running in a couple of weeks because my knee is still swollen. To make matters worse, when I woke up this morning I was feeling some burning pain along the left side of my knee and thigh (the opposite side of the swelling).

I am kind of at a loss as to what I should do. I don’t want to run and make my knee worse. But if I don’t start some kind of training by the end of April (at the very latest), then there is no way I will be ready for it. But I was thinking that maybe I could just walk the race. There’s no law that says I have to run it, right? And last year’s Peachtree Road Race was so fantastic. I loved the atmosphere!

So what do you think I should do? Just forget about the race and hope to do another 10K when it heals? Walk the race?

Either way I plan on visiting a doctor soon. I need to know what is causing this swelling and hopefully fix the problem.

13 responses to “I got in!

  1. Congratulations! I hope you find out what’s wrong. Injuries suck!

  2. Congrats on getting in! I definitely say visit a doctor, and then decide whether to train or walk the race. Fingers crossed!!

  3. Congrats on getting in!! When is the race? Hopefully you will be better by then!

  4. I think you should definitely walk the race! If you end up able to run it (or some of it), you’ll feel happy to do so…and if you walk the whole thing, you still did it!

  5. The Teenage Taste

    Congrats on being selected! I know how it feels to want to run so badly when you really shouldn’t. I’d definitely say walk the race!

  6. Congrats! I hope your knee is better by the time it rolls around, but if not, no shame in walking it!

  7. Congrats for getting in!
    That is exciting! I did a 10K and I think it is the perfect amount of miles..not too long, not too short. 🙂

  8. Get to a doc asap!

    Plan to at least walk the race. This is a great opportunity and you have to go through the anxiety of selection. You will be proud to have finished no matter if it is at a run or walk – of course unless a doc tells you not to do either.

  9. Yikes, that is quite the dilemma. Walking sounds like the safest bet!

  10. Congrats! And thank you for the awesome comment on my blog – loved it!

    I would definitely see a doc and then decide. Personally, I would walk any race to just be a part of it. The largest 10K? Sounds too good to miss 🙂

  11. Why not walk it? Makes for a nice day, right?

    Unless that would also be too much for your knee.

  12. Congratulations girlie! 😀

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