Cooking for One

My husband is out of town on business all this week. While I will miss him terribly, there are a few good things that I can look forward to this week.

I can watch General Hospital without hearing his running commentary.

I can catch up on my blogs without feeling guilty about spending too much time on the computer.

More importantly, I can cook foods that Corey would never eat. Corey is a very picky eater. Considering how much I love food, that fact amazes me every day. But I guess Eharmony doesn’t have that particular question in their matchmaking test.

I will tell you a secret: one reason that most of my recipes for entrees on my blog serve only one or two people is because Corey doesn’t eat most of the foods I do. I have gotten very good at creating recipes for just myself. Usually I have leftovers for at least one more day, which I love!

It’s also tough cooking for one. Sometimes I feel too lazy to cook for just myself after a long day at work. That’s why I make sure my meals are easy.

Tonight’s meal was no different. I took my recipe for Boneless Buffalo Chicken Bites (excellent recipe, by the way) and made strips instead of bites.

Along with the chicken strips, I had some Alexia sweet potato fries and asparagus that I roasted with olive oil and Cajun seasoning.

Of course I just had to put barbecue sauce on top of the asparagus. 😉

The meal was perfect. It was quick, easy and healthy. Corey wouldn’t have wanted a single thing that was on my plate. He has no idea what he’s missing.

I think I will go watch General Hospital now.

6 responses to “Cooking for One

  1. How do you guys handle eating differently? 🙂 I have a similar situation with my boyfriend.

  2. I don’t think I have ever had Asparagus before! I really need to go get some! Would you suggest I try them roasted, stir-fired, or steamed first?

  3. Have some good alone time! 🙂

  4. My boyfriend is SO picky too… Drives me crazy! Enjoy your alone time 🙂 It’s the best!

  5. Ha, I have the same attitude when my husband is out of town! Enjoy your time girl 🙂

  6. I only cook for myself too, so I make up a lot of my own recipes. I don’t mind having leftovers, but with 4 other family members living in the house, there’s no space in the fridge!

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