A Diagnosis

I finally went to the orthopedist today about my knee.

It was a really nice office . . . one of the nicest doctor’s offices I have been to in a while. They did X-rays on my knee before I saw the doctor. And they gave me awful shorts to wear for the X-rays and doctor’s exam.

I have no idea what these things were made out of, but they were the most unflattering shorts I have ever worn.

After the doctor did some X-rays, he determined that I have arthritis in my knee. I’m not going to lie, the diagnosis made me feel like an old lady. But I’m really glad I know what’s going on. So he drained most of the fluid from my knee (though it still looks kind of big) and he gave me a prescription for some medicine that would help with the rest of the fluid.

He also gave me a knee brace to wear that is about as unflattering as the shorts.


My foot looks so tiny with this huge brace!


He did recommend a little physical therapy as well. As for the Peachtree Road Race that I am signed up for (which is July 4th by the way), he said that I should be up and running again by the end of this month or the middle of May at the latest. That should give me time to train for the race, which is a 10K.

He did say something that I have known for a while: I should not use running as my sole form of exercise. He said I shouldn’t plan on running any marathons any time soon. He did say that the Peachtree (or the occasional 5K) would be okay. I’m a little bummed by this because I would have loved to do at least a half marathon. But honestly, I’m not letting myself get too bothered by it. There is no reason that I can’t be healthy and active even though I’m not running on a regular basis. I am just happy that I know what’s wrong with my knee. I will trust my body (and the doctor) and do what I can to take care of it.

And can I just make one rant about doctors’ offices in general? Why is it that every single doctor seems to be located in a parking garage where you have to pay? Most of them require you to only be parked for 20 minutes or less so that you don’t have to pay anything. When have you ever been done with a doctor in under half an hour? To make matters worse, this one took cash only and there were no signs stating this. Thank goodness I happened to have some cash on me. Haven’t they gotten enough of my money?

Okay, that’s my rant for the day. Just a minor annoyance in an otherwise pleasant day off.

14 responses to “A Diagnosis

  1. Ugh, sorry about the arthritis diagnosis but at least you’ll be back up and running soon. I definitely agree about not using running as your only form of exercise. I try to do the elliptical, yoga and other workout DVDs.

  2. I’m sorry about your knee 😦 I think there’s some strength training in your future!

  3. So sorry about your diagnosis. At least now you now what it is and you can work on trying to make the pain a little better.

  4. Sorry to hear about your knee, but I am glad that it isn’t a major injury that would require some freaky surgery!

    You will find other forms of training that you love. Have you ever tried water aerobics?

  5. I’m sorry about the arthritis. I used to have that in my knee when I was younger, so I know how you feel. 🙂

  6. Glad you at least know what is up with your knee. I have been having knee issues ever since running my half in December. I really should go get it looked at. The pain seems to come and go though. Kind of strange.

  7. Sorry to hear about your knee! My brother has to get fluid drained from his knee sometime- don’t really know what that’s about because he’s not active at all, so it’s not from running or anything, but he seems to be improving. I hope you feel better soon!

  8. yikes! sorry about your knee…but glad you went to the doc. I don’t know how mahy clients or friends ignore these issues and make them worse by not getting it checked out! Good luck with the PT and heal soon!

  9. The Teenage Taste

    Sorry to hear about your knee! I hope all goes well so you can be running again soon! 😀

  10. Well good news is that you will be up and running again shortly!!!
    I can’t stand that my doctors office has a parking garage in the city which means im there for 45 minutes and pay $8 to park!

  11. I’m so sorry to hear about your knee 😦 I’ve been having some weird clicking and soreness in my knee and am getting a bit nervous. I wish you the best!

  12. so sorry that you have to cut back on running but it does seem like good advice.

    You’re so right about dr’s offices. I’m lucky that I live in the city and can take public transportation and not have to pay for the parking.

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  13. hope the recovery is a smooth one!

  14. I know you will be strong and have a speedy recovery! then you’ll be a speedy runner again in no time 🙂

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