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Red Flag

Today was an incredibly long day at work so I am going to make this post brief. I’m exhausted!

I did want to share today’s health tip: know your “red flag” menu items. Avoid restaurant items such as battered, bottomless, breaded, cheesy, buttery, creamy, crispy, fried, etc.

menu from Farm Burger

I am torn about this one. While I do agree that those things can be bad for you, who doesn’t like something bottomless, cheesy and fried every once in a while? 🙂

I don’t eat those types of food all the time and that is not because of the amount of calories in them. It’s because if I eat too many fried foods, I feel like crap. I can feel the difference in my body when I eat something that is overly processed and greasy. I guess the moral is all things in moderation!

Tonight my husband and I had my FAVORITE healthy version of fast food.

Lean ground beef on a Farmer’s Market bun and fries that are baked and taste amazing. This is my favorite bun ever. It is baked fresh at the Farmer’s Market and only has about five ingredients. And it has a sweet, buttery taste that is out of this world. Yes, buttery is a red flag word and I just don’t care. This menu has less calories and grease than fast food, but it’s even more delicious.

I do have to admit something. After the health tip about making sure to eat breakfast, I did something I never do: I skipped breakfast.

I know . . . it’s a shock. But I had a good reason, I promise. I had a horrible migraine this morning (that I had to work through) and I was feeling extremely sick to my stomach. When I got to work, I took something for the nausea and eventually I started feeling better. But I did not eat anything until around 11:00 am, at which point I had some Peanut Butter Puffins (dry) and pineapple. It was tasty, but not super filling.

I definitely felt the difference in my body as a result of not eating breakfast. I was hungry all day and felt like I could have eaten off my own hand. It’s a good thing I didn’t bring more snacks to work because I would have eaten way too much. Remind me to never do that again. I don’t really need a reminder though. But today was seriously not normal for me. Even when I am not that hungry in the morning, I always eat something no later than 10:00 am. Live and learn. 🙂

What is your favorite healthy version of junk food?

Trying Something New

Tonight was an adventure for both myself and my husband. Corey had said last week that he wanted to try something new at least once a week. This conversation started when he informed me that he wanted our (future) kids to eat healthy. He wants them to eat fruits and veggies, he doesn’t want them to drink soda hardly ever, etc. I had to raise my eyebrows at this. Really? This coming from a man who eats chocolate pop tarts every day and says they contain 7 essential vitamins and minerals? This coming from the man who thinks mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese is an appropriate meal? (And he actually eats those things when I am not here.)

I think that when you have kids, they pretty much follow by example. And I think he has finally realized that it may be hard for me to get the kids to eat their broccoli if he refuses to eat it (regardless of the fact that I may be eating it). So he has decided to broaden his horizons, albeit kicking and screaming. 🙂

The first thing that I suggested was . . . a rutabega. I had never, ever tried one before either. Maybe I could have suggested something a little more wimpy tame for him to try. But there was a recipe for Rutabega Fries that I found on another blog that I read on a regular basis and I was dying to try it. Thanks Julie for the idea!

the star of dinner - scary looking!

We basically just cooked them like we would a potato. You peel it and chop it like fries. Then put some spices on it. We have “baked fries” that we make on a regular basis (like tonight) and we just put the same spices on it as the potato. We put some red pepper and paprika on it, tossed it with a little olive oil and cooked it for about 20 minutes or so.

Final product!

As I am never one to shy away from tasting new items, I didn’t hesitate to grab one, dip it in some ketchup like a regular fry and try it. And . . . it wasn’t horrible. The spices covered up (most) of the rutabega taste.

I should have taken a picture of Corey’s reaction. For some reason, he didn’t want to put ketchup on it because he didn’t want to “mask the flavor.” I’m not sure he realizes that it is important to do what you have to do to vegetables so that they taste good. He was immediately turned off by the smell (which I barely noticed). He said that they “smell like throw up.” Honestly, my husband can be very melodramatic. But he did take a bite and then he proceeded to spit it out. Nope, he did not like it at all.

I ate some of it, not all. I think I still have to get used to the taste. I read somewhere that a person (on average) needs to eat something at least seven times to develop a taste for it. And I firmly believe that. So I will be having that again. As for whether Corey will try it a second time . . . that’s another story.

I think the next thing he tries will be something a little easier to handle. Grapes maybe??

Nature's Candy

After dinner, Corey and I did try to go for a run. However, I became sick with what I like to call “runner’s upset stomach” and we had to turn around. We only managed to do 1.75 miles instead of the 2.5 miles that I wanted. At least I got some exercise, even if it was walking instead of running.