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Adventures in Alabama

Well my trip to Alabama was as unhealthy and as greasy as I imagined. Seriously . . . I know what you’re thinking. Choose healthy options. To that I say, what healthy options? On Sunday, when Corey and I woke up in Alabama there were two options for breakfast: Hardee’s and Subway. Unfortunately, Subway opened an hour after we were actually going to be having breakfast, so what was the only option? Hardee’s. And there was nothing to be had at the house.

cheese and egg biscuit . . . lowest calorie option available and still so greasy

Corey and I spent the day playing with Callie outside (yay for lots of space for her to roam in). She was so happy.

a tired dog is a happy dog

And the day was quickly cut short when Callie hurt herself playing. 😦 She scraped her leg on some metal and cut her leg pretty badly. Needless to say, we had to run to the nearest emergency vet (which was 45 minutes away) to get her stitched up. Poor thing. She had to be put to sleep and everything.

passed out after her visit to the vet

Luckily, she is all better now and she doesn’t even notice the bandage on her leg. That visit pretty much carried us over lunch and we didn’t really have time to eat (not good). By the time we were done, it was almost time for dinner so we just wanted to get something small. The smallest thing I could think of was a cheeseburger at McDonald’s. I can’t even remember the last time I had McDonald’s, but oh well.

And that night was the barbecue that Corey’s dad prepared. Seriously . . . I love his family, but I don’t think they know what vegetables are. There were four different types of meat and two side dishes available. And the sides were potato salad and coleslaw. Really . . . those were my options??

rib, chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, and some sauce

I actually didn’t eat all of what was on my plate because I wasn’t hungry enough. So I guess I didn’t do too bad.

Honestly though, I wasn’t really concerned about gaining weight from eating the food on Saturday. I was more concerned with how I felt. By the end of the day, I was not feeling well at all physically. I felt lethargic, grumpy, sick to my stomach, and I had some major heartburn. All in all, I was dying to get back to my regular routine of eating healthy again. Not because of what the scale would say. But because I knew my body desperately needed it.

Monday was better. On the trip home, we had Subway for breakfast (which I have never tried before).

yummy egg white sandwich

And for lunch, we stopped at Jason’s Deli where I got 1/2 a chicken wrap . . .

along with some Southwestern Chicken Chili

yay for veggies and protein!

And dinner was a yummy turkey sausage meatloaf. I must share this recipe with you guys soon. It’s super easy and I love the flavor that the turkey sausage gives. Kind of a nice spicy kick if you use the hot kind!

This morning, I started off the day right with a very nice smoothie of frozen strawberries, two whole peaches, ice, and a couple teaspoons of honey. Yummy! So after yesterday and today, my body is thanking me profusely for the nutrients and I feel like I am starting to recover from my weekend of debauchery. 😉

lots of nutrients!

And seriously, it took no less than 20 minutes for my blender to produce this . . . .

frothy goodness

Don’t get me wrong. It tasted awesome. But my blender is crap. Does anyone have any tips on a good blender?? I think I will need to invest in one soon.