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I heart leftovers

It was a short weekend. I worked all day on Saturday and I am back at work today. Who else has MLK Jr. Day off? Count your blessings. 🙂

I wasn’t really super hungry when I got up, so I made myself a nice egg and cheese sandwich on organic multigrain bread.

I’m so glad we went to Whole Foods yesterday so that I could get some more of this yummy bread!

Work was actually pretty busy, mainly because I missed a couple of days last week due to the weather. I had a lot of paperwork to catch up on. I kept my energy up with a couple of clementines.

I have decided that I like clementines much better than oranges. They don’t have seeds, they are easier to peel, and they also seem to be easier to eat. I haven’t been able to eat citrus in the longest time because of the possible connection between that and my migraines. I am reintroducing citrus to my diet and luckily, there don’t seem to be any ill effects as of yet. 🙂

Lunch was a taco salad. The salad consisted of ground beef made with my favorite homemade taco seasoning, some spinach, a little cheese, and some salsa.

It may not look very pretty, but it was delish! I also had some unpictured tortilla chips. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: homemade taco seasoning is just better than the packaged stuff. But isn’t that usually the case with most things? 🙂

For dessert, I had some fresh pineapple.

If I had to choose a favorite fruit, I think it would be pineapple. I love getting it at the Farmer’s Market. You pick out a fresh one and they will peel and core it for you. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

For a snack, I had a couple of pieces of bread with some homemade white chocolate peanut butter.

I think for my next nut butter, I will make cashew butter. I just discovered how much I enjoy cashews (especially in bite form). I have never tried cashew butter before, but I’m sure it would be tasty.

Dinner consisted of a few leftover chicken strips and some green beans that I roasted with a little olive oil and cajun seasoning.

Believe it or not, we made extra chicken strips last night just so I would have leftovers today. Does anyone else do that? Corey hates leftovers, but I love them. There are several dishes that we make extras of so I can have leftovers, such as chili, tacos, meatloaf, and pasta. What is your favorite meal that you enjoy even better  the next day?

The best part of the day was a package waiting for me when I got home.

Yes I ordered some more Naturally Nutty Vanilla Almond Butter. I love that stuff! Including the peanut butter I made yesterday, I have five different kinds of nut/seed butter.  That’s a lot of nut butter!

Have a great night.

Pizza for Breakfast and Breakfast for Dinner

Today was a snow day for just about the entire state of Georgia.

cemetery covered in snow

We don’t get much snow here, so when we get a lot of it the whole state kind of shuts down. We got roughly 5 inches of snow and I was so thankful that today was my day off. I didn’t have anywhere to be so I could just enjoy the day. 🙂

Our street covered in snow (and ice)

I started with a recipe that I saw on Katie’s blog and I have seen it replicated a couple of times now. It’s called Pizzert. I am all about pizza for breakfast! For my recipe, I used half white and half wheat flour, some honey as my sweetener, applesauce, nonfat milk, and some blackberries as my fruit.

Yummy! It was so easy and filling (and tasty). I topped my slices with some Naturally Nutty vanilla almond butter. I ate half of the Pizzert and will save the other half for a quick breakfast later this week. On another note, I ran out of vanilla almond butter today so I quickly went on their website and ordered some more. I love their vanilla almond butter and I need some more STAT!

After breakfast (and a little frolicking in the snow with Callie), I wanted a good workout. Most days, I procrastinate and procrastinate until it’s the end of the day and I don’t feel like doing it. I wanted to get my workout done early, so I would have the rest of the day to play.

I did Jackie Warner’s total body circuit (43 minutes) and I tried the Biggest Loser Last Chance workout that was available from Exercise On Demand. Thank goodness for this feature because I get to try so many new workouts that way! As usual, the Jackie Warner DVD totally kicked my butt. But I feel myself getting stronger day by day. Today, I was actually able to complete most of the exercises (though not without a fair amount of huffing and puffing).

Today was a first for the Biggest Loser workout. I wanted a quick cardio workout just to balance everything out. The workout was 10 minutes (not including cool down). I have to say that I didn’t think I would like it at first. The first minute or two seemed to be a little too easy, especially the warm-up. The warm-up didn’t get my heart rate up that much. But before long, I was sweating and huffing and puffing and I was falling in love with the work out a little bit. I think that next time, I may do the cardio before the strength though. My legs were kind of exhausted from the many squats and lunges from my earlier workout, so I struggled with the jumps and squats of Biggest Loser. What I especially love is this workout is not run by Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper. It is run by real past contestants who have real bodies. I will keep this workout in mind next time I am short on time, but want to do something. Just because a workout isn’t 45 minutes doesn’t mean you aren’t getting benefits. Do you have a preference for doing strength before cardio? Or vice versa?

After my workout and a very long shower, I was ready for lunch. My body was craving salads. I don’t often crave veggies, so I won’t refuse my body what it needs. 🙂

I kind of threw a lot of stuff into a bowl: spinach, grape tomatoes, yellow pepper, a small handful of cashews, some corn, a link of spicy Italian chicken sausage I bought at Whole Foods yesterday, and I topped it with a couple of tablespoons of hummus. Mmm . . . it was tasty! It had protein, veggies, and healthy fats. Just what my body needed. Along with the salad, I had an unpictured piece of organic bread with the rest of my vanilla almond butter.

That salad was full of so much stuff that it actually kept me full for the rest of the afternoon. I love that! The rest of the afternoon was spent catching up on blogs and watching Law and Order: SVU.

Corey came home a little early from work and we decided to take Callie somewhere to play in the snow. The roads were horrible. Snow and ice everywhere. We decided to go to a cemetery that is next door and play there. I’m sure that sounds weird, but we walk along the path there all the time and it is a beautiful area.

Rewarding Callie with her favorite treat: cheese!

Callie playing with her new toy

Corey and I had fun watching Callie frolic and we were both taking lots of pictures. It was weird letting my husband take most of the pics, but he does have a degree in photography. So I guess he knows what he’s doing. 😉 My job was to stand in one spot and try not to slip on the ice. I am extremely clumsy, so we were both worried about that. But I’m happy to report there were no injuries! I do have to give credit where credit is due though. Some of the pictures in this blog post are mine, but others are his. His pictures came out beautiful!

I think Corey and I only spent about 15 or 20 minutes playing around with Callie. At that point, we were both turning to ice. We also didn’t want Callie to get hurt on the ice or get too cold. I’m sure she would have liked to play forever, but it just wasn’t possible.

When we got home, we wanted something quick. I had not had bacon or eggs in a few days and I had a serious craving. So breakfast for dinner it was!

I had an egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich on multigrain bread. Along with the sandwich, I had a second egg on the side. All that playing in the snow made me starving!

Because the roads (and interstates) are so bad, I’m not sure if I will go into work tomorrow. At the very least, I will go in late. I’ll see how it goes. I hate to miss work, but I don’t feel comfortable driving on roads where people are getting stuck and are barely able to go above 5 mph.

Is anyone a college football fan? I’m not really a football fan period, but my husband graduated from Auburn so he is kind of into the big game right now. I am feeling so sore from my workout today. Jackie Warner and Jillian Michaels have both worked my core something good over the past couple of days. Now I’m going to feign interest in this game a little bit longer and hope for better conditions on the road tomorrow! Good night everyone!

Losing weight the cold way

Last night, I was watching TV and I saw something interesting on ABC news or dateline or one of those shows. There was an author (Tim Ferris, I believe) who stated that he believed people could lose weight in cold weather.

Breakfast: the LAST of my Pumpkin Pancakes 😦

But he wasn’t just talking about any cold weather . . . he was talking about purposefully taking walks and exposing yourself to below freezing temperatures to speed up your metabolism. During the show, he and the reporter actually walked outside in below freezing weather without a coat. How crazy is that?

Delicious lunch: spinach salad with baked chicken strips, a hard boiled egg, half a green pepper, and some homemade Italian vinaigrette

During the interview, he also said that nutrionists and registered dieticiand are giving incorrect information. Apparently, the calories in and calories out formula is “wrong.”

I guess he got this idea from Michael Phelps, who eats about 12,000 calories a day. This guy believed that his ability to stay fit and toned was due to the fact that he swam in cool water. Maybe it was because he swims about eight hours a day?

Very filling dinner: brown rice, a hamburger patty that I cooked, some corn, and green beans that I roasted with olive oil and Cajun seasoning. I also added some ketchup and mustard to this bowl. 🙂

Now I have heard that if you’re colder your metabolism naturally speeds up. But this just seems like another “quick fix” to me. The man who was in the interview stated that he lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks. I’m not sure if the cold was the only factor, but I know that I don’t want to be freezing cold in order to lose weight.

What happened to just eating healthy and being more active?

What do you think of this idea? Do you think that weight loss is about thermodynamics and not about calories in vs. calories out?

Off Track

Yesterday was kind of rough. It started out good enough. Corey and I went to Taste of Atlanta and had a really good time trying out some new foods and restaurants.

Here are some pictures . . .

Feta Stuffed Gyro Roll - Best thing ever! So good.


spicy thai chicken wrap that came from an organic fast food place. So good!

Mmm . . . tasty wrap.

Corey in line for some delicious steak. Yummy!

Is it too hot for coffee? Not if it's free!

organic pumpkin ice cream . . . delicious!

Free samples of Krispy Kreme totally made Corey's day!

Eating some red velvet pancakes . . . they were kind of disappointing.

So we had a good time, tasting food and walking around. Of course, we have more coupons and business cards for restaurants than we ever thought we could have.

Last night, however, was kind of rough. I feel kind of silly, but Corey went on another business trip and I did not handle it well. I’m not sure why this one hit me so hard. Corey goes out of town frequently for business. If I had a nickel for every time he went out of town in the four years we have been together, then I would be a very wealthy woman. For some reason, I felt particularly sad and very lonely about the fact that he was gone. And I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I used food to ease my pain. I binged.

Corey and I had gotten a package of sugar cookies at Taste of Atlanta, so I had quite a few cookies .


this cookie times six

I did not get hungry until kind of late, but when I did I ordered a 20 piece order o spicy wings from Papa John’s. I did not take a picture because I was filled with shame. 😦 But I ate every single wing. I would have ordered a pizza, but I was afraid that the cheese would give me a migraine (as it has been known to do). I felt so guilty about my binge. I felt sick to my stomach from so much food and I felt like I had undone the past several months of healthy eating.

I had to remind myself that it’s important to forgive myself for these mistakes. I also know that yesterday’s binge is not going to cause me to gain back all the fifteen pounds I have lost so far. What I need to do is recognize why I felt the urge to eat and try to do other things to deal with my anxieties about being alone. I also know that today is a new day and I had the ability to get back on track as soon as possible. And I did . . .

Breakfast was a whole wheat bagel (fresh from the Farmer’s Market) with some Trader Joe’s pumpkin cream cheese. I may have to reevaluate my opinion of Trader Joe’s. This stuff is freaking awesome!

Yes, my bagel is on the top to a tupperware container. Because that's just how I roll.

I had breakfast a little late because I woke up with no appetite. I’m sure that was due to last night’s overeating. So that was my whole breakfast and I did not get hungry until lunch.

Lunch was some leftover pasta from last week. I love leftovers! It was simple whole wheat pasta, 365 organic pasta sauce, and some cooked chicken breast.

wholesome goodness

Snack was unpictured pretzels with almond butter. This is quickly becoming my favorite go-to snack.

The day ended on an excellent note, much better than yesterday that’s for sure. After work, I picked up Callie from doggy day care and hurried home to go for a run. I wasn’t going to take Callie with me because I knew she would be exhausted from her day, but I kind of wanted some company on my walk since my husband usually accompanies us. It was really nice bonding time with her. We only jogged for about a mile because it looked like it might rain. I’m still working on the C25K program and easing back into the running thing and that was fine with me. When I got home, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical to end my workout. I really pushed myself on the elliptical and I felt great (if not a little sore).

Dinner was an awesome taco salad with homemade seasoning.

In this salad I had seasoned meat, spinach, cheese, tortilla chips, some salsa and my first ever guacamole attempt. I think the avocado I picked was a little over ripe, but it was still good. This is the first time I have ever picked out an avocado for myself. Does anyone have any tips for picking out a good avocado?

Now that I have eaten and exercised, I feel kind of like Callie.

Utterly exhausted

I feel so much better than yesterday. I am back on track with my eating and I had a great workout. I am trying not to let yesterday get me down too much. I miss Corey like crazy, but I will feel worse if I let one day’s binge turn into five days. I feel proud of myself that I was able to get back on track so easily.


“You don’t make friends with salad”

Every time I make a salad, I think of the Simpsons episode where Lisa becomes vegetarian and the family sings that song, “You don’t make friends with salad.” Catchy tune. But whether salad wins you friends or not, tonight definitely felt like that kind of night. I had a late snack so I wasn’t even hungry when I got home from work. Since Corey is out of town on business, I was on my own. Whenever he is out of town, I want to do as little cooking as possible. Cooking for one is really no fun. I watched TV for a bit and then hit the elliptical for half an hour. I had already went out on a 30 minute run this morning, but I usually like to work out for an hour total whenever I do work out. After my workout, I definitely needed some sustenance.

I decided to make a salad out of some leftover rotiessirie chicken Corey had made on Sunday and some spring mix lettuce I had purchased at the store earlier.

I had originally wanted some spinach as the base for my salad, but this was all they had by this brand at the store. And it was organic and I had a coupon, so you can’t beat that. I know that iceberg lettuce is healthier, but for some reason I can never bring myself to eat anything but iceberg when it comes to sandwiches. Maybe that’s something to work on. But when it comes to salads, iceberg is definitely boring (not to mention lacking in serious nutrients). So I try to get just about anything else (usually spinach).

Regarding the dressing, I actually took a chance and made my own. I can’t have store bought dressings because they have a lot of ingredients in them I can’t have (due to my headaches, but more on that later). Last time, I tried to make my own dressing, it didn’t turn out well at all. But this one turned out really well. It has a base of fat free mayo, some vinegar, fat free milk, and some different herbs. I even put a pinch of cayenne pepper to spice it up. I may even use this dressing as a veggie dip.

delicious creaminess

The salad tasted wonderful and really hit the spot. I even added some yellow and red peppers that we had gotten at the Farmer’s Market last week.

Final Product!

For dessert, I had some Breyer’s all natural strawberry ice cream. Yummy! My favorite dessert right now. And now I am so incredibly tired. Went to bed late last night and then forced myself to get up at 5:45 am to go for a run this morning. It was extremely hard to drag myself out of bed, especially since my husband wasn’t here to drag me kicking and screaming. But I managed on my own. I had energy for most of the day, but now I am fading. I am watching Bachelor Pad on my DVR (which I can’t believe I am actually getting into) and then it’s off to bed!