I am in a Rut

I am in a rut . . . a workout rut that is. I have found that the only exercise I truly enjoy is “running.”

Notice the quotations marks? Maybe that’s because sometimes I consider myself a jogger rather than a runner because of my pace. 😉

I never thought I would enjoy running, especially since I have NEVER been an outdoors kind of girl. But ever since I got into it, I find that running actually keeps me from going insane helps to relieve my stress. And it’s nice that I have that to turn to instead of comfort eating. Although I do still occasionally feel the need to eat one too many brownies when I am upset.

I have learned though that when I run too many days or for too long, it is rough on the joints. And let’s face it, I want to keep my knees when I’m sixty. So I keep my running down to 3 days a week, 4 at the most. That seems to work for me in regards to keeping the running injuries at bay.

So what do I do the rest of the time? I am still a good 30 pounds away from my weight loss goal. My workouts consist of the elliptical . . . .

. . . . and Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workouts for strength training.

Don’t get me wrong . . . I adore Jillian Michaels workouts and this one is awesome, not to mention the fact that it can be pretty tough. It’s just that both that and the elliptical can be pretty boring. It can be pretty hard to summon up any motivation to work out when I’m not excited about what I’m doing. So on days when I’m not running, I end up short-changing myself or even making excuses about why I can’t don’t want to work out.

Bottom line is that I need to find another type of cardio and strength training workout that I can get excited about. Something that will help relieve the stresses of the day just as much as running. I just have no idea where to start.

2 responses to “I am in a Rut

  1. I used to be a runner but my knees and hips pretty much get me back for it every time I do it. I walk a lot now. I know it does not seem like that much of a workout but it really is. I also ride a bike. Biking is some of the best low-impact cardio I have ever done. Have you ever tried yoga? Yoga is one of those workouts that leaves me sore and it’s all from using my own body weight.

    • I have only tried yoga once. I was getting a really good sweat going and then I actually dislocated my knee, believe it or not. That’s how clumsy I am. Hehe. I really want to get back into it. The only problem is that there are so many different kinds of yoga and I am not sure what a good beginner yoga dvd or class would be. Do you have any recommendations?

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