Same Girl, Different Hair

I was reading this magazine at work and I have no idea why because looking at the cover just makes me feel bad about myself.

I have to remind myself that this woman is a product of Photoshop.  That only makes me feel a little better. I used to subscribe to Fitness magazine. I joked that the women on the cover every month were basically the same woman . . . they just had different hair color. If you look at the cover models, you will notice the similarities. They are all perfectly tan with absolutely no cellulite. It’s frustrating.

And look at their article: “”Look great naked!” What if I already think I look pretty damn good naked, despite the fact that I have cellulite and I am not a size 2?? That would be shocking, I’m sure. 🙂 Do you ever compare yourself to magazine cover models? What do you think of some of the articles that are in certain health magazines?

I do need your help with something. I am contemplating trying yoga. I have tried it a couple of times. The very first time I tried it (quite a few years ago), I dislocated my knee. Ouch. Don’t even ask how because I sure can’t tell you. However, I know that I need to improve on my flexibility, not to mention the fact that my hamstrings and calves feel extremely tight and I am sure that yoga would help with that. I need advice on some beginner yoga DVD’s. I am not familiar with very many yoga poses (only a couple) so I need a DVD where the instructor doesn’t go too fast and gives me a chance to get in the pose before moving on to the next one. Any ideas?

12 responses to “Same Girl, Different Hair

  1. has great beginner classes that are 20 minutes (and free!). You can buy a subscription to their site and purchase longer videos, but most (if not all) of their 20 minute ones don’t cost a thing. You should really look into it!

  2. I like to do Denise Austin’s Yoga Buns, but it’s not as meditative as normal yoga. It’s more of a workout. Check it out on Amazon to read more. It’s always worked my butt really well, so I love it. And I know what you mean about magazine covers. Usually, I skip the cover stories (unless I really like the person) and just read the tips.

  3. I usually don’t compare myself with models in magazines. Like you said, they’re just a product of photo shop and it’s unrealistic to strive to look like that. Plus, I’m perfectly happy with how I am. 🙂 You should definitely try yoga! When I first tried it out, I used a dvd called ‘Caribbean Workout Stretch Into Yoga’. It has a 20 minute beginners workout routine that’s really easy and was great for my lack of experience (and complete inflexibility). 🙂

  4. I read health magazines because they are INTERESTING i like to read them with a critical eye because NOT everything they put in there is right or scientifically based

  5. Yoga is SO much fun. I use Bob Harper’s Yoga– I would reccomend it in a heartbeat if what you are looking for an AMAZING workout, but if you want a meditating yoga, I’d check out some free yoga sites. 🙂

  6. I’ve never done a yoga DVD before, but I’ve heard about websites that offer podcasts and such 🙂

  7. I actually like the P90X yoga, because its not super cheesy and is a great workout.

    I really liked reading what you said about the magazine. Its crazy how easy it is for media and messaging to get under our skin. The important part is recognizing it which is what I struggle with sometimes.

  8. I only read those magazines for their articles. They have a lot of good stats… I was just reading that exact one and thinking of posting on the obsession of food.

    I’ve only done Yoga Meltdown and I wouldnt suggest that as a beginners slow moving video sorry!

  9. Those magazines are so silly. They repeat the same thing every month, make you feel bad, and emphasize “skinny” instead of “healthy”

    Personally, I love hot yoga, but I did yoga at home first before I ever went to a studio. I use a lot of on demand stuff if you have access to that. It’s free and they have some good beginner programs!

  10. i ignore the photos and just read the articles. but i do have to remind myself that the cover is really and truly very “fake.”
    good luck finding a yoga dvd or download that you like! takes a bit of trial and error but you’ll find something!

  11. I’m envious of the girls in the magazine-I want someone airbrushing all my imperfections…haha…KIDDING!
    I am still in search for a GOOD yoga class in my area!

  12. I wish i could help you out with the yoga thing! I tried it once and was not a huge fan…maybe it was because I was super tight too. But I do want to try hot yoga one day.

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